How to do Offline Browsing in Steed Browser 8 ?

What is Offline Browsing in Steed Browser 8 ? 

Steed Browser have unique feature of offline browsing , in offline browsing you can open or visit websites without internet. Yes offline browsing means visiting websites without internet. You can visit webpage without internet which you visited before when internet is available.

How to do Offline Browsing ?

Here are the step by step guide with example to do offline browsing in Steed Browser 8

Step 1 :

Just open Steed Browser and search for anything when internet connection is on and your phone is connected with internet.

As example here i am searching for "books" , when internet connection is available.

Step 2 : 

Now from the search result you can open any website.

As example here i am select Book - Wikipedia from search result and open the Wikipedia website.

Step 3 :

Now just turn off your internet connection , means now you not have internet connection.
Then go to Menu and click on Offline Browsing. You can see all webpages which are available offline in Offline Browsing Screen , Now select any webpage from it.

As example here i am opening Offline Browsing Screen and Selecting Wikipedia Page from Offline Webpages.

So in this way you can visit the page offline without internet.

Thank you.


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